Justin Jolley

Justin Jolley

Global UX Design Senior Manager

I am a builder.

I'm a builder of people, teams, products and processes.

Most recently, I was a leader in our digital transformation and instrumental in building Nu Skin's UX design team from the ground up to support 15 teams locally and 5 global regions. Directing UX design activities and managing designer’s interaction with research methodologies and strategy. Managing design system team and interaction with development in agile sprint work and design sprints. Customer first mentality, focusing on user centered design that supports business objectives and delights users.

Worked in agile fashion with product owners, CX, development, marketing and others to build trust and take ownership of design system to document design libraries, development components and best practices.

Leader in UX research efforts to satiate curiosity with behavioral, qualitative and quantitative methodologies as part of a larger process to gather data and show the ROI of UX efforts and value of UX team to the organization.

Bias for action in starting Unicorn University to train designers in basic front-end development and web technologies. Lead UX Guild to help define and socialize design standards and further deep dives into industry processes, tools and methodologies.

I love to see the world, experience new cultures and learn about what excites and drives people! Always asking why and trying to learn more.


  • 20 years experience designing & developing software/web sites/apps
  • 10 years leading teams
  • Spent 14 years in the planes, trains and automobiles industry
  • Developed software used by largest low-cost airlines in the world (Ryanair, Air Asia, jetBlue), high-speed rail (SNCF, IDTG) and most auto makers in the world (Honda, Toyota, Ford)


Recently completed certificate at MIT Sloan School of Management, Strategy & Innovation Track in Design Thinking. Selected top three final projects in 116 team cohort.

Built multiple UX and Front-End development agile teams from the ground up in tech stack and team structure.

Worked with local and off-shore teams in Philippines, India, Vietnam, Eastern Europe and more.

Team management, development, and training, strategy, agile/scrum


Design Sprints, UCD, Design Systems, Pattern Libraries, Personas, User Journeys, Sketch, Invision, Abstract, Adobe CS, Balsamiq, Wireframes, Prototypes, Sketches, Design Thinking


Qualitative, Quantitative, Behavioral analytics, Heuristic Analysis,, A/B Testing, Accessibility, Usability, Performance Analysis, User Validation, Feng-GUI, Loop11, Google Optimize, KPI’s


HTML5, CSS3, UI JS, Bootstrap, JQuery, Responsive Web, UI dev in C# .Net, JAVA, PHP, Perl, Relational DB, UNIX, Mac, Apache & IIS

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